Coffee Catch Up With A Side Of "Help!"


This post may be a little rambly, so fair warning, get yourself some coffee or tea or a G&T, I'd go with the latter. But coffee is also good. You do you.

This feels weird. Writing a blog post that isn't a recipe or books? Oh, boy. How can something that was once so familiar to you seem incredibly odd after a break? Let's start with the obvious, I've been absence from the Internet since February. In fact, even January wasn't spent with a screen in front of my face 24/7. I won't lie, it's actually been quite a pleasant break. I love social media for it's ability to make someone that in other situations may be closed off and rather awkward (yeah, that's me), feel like they're able to be open and frank regarding their thoughts and day-to-day activities. I like sharing photos on Instagram and I enjoy a good natter on Twitter. But is it healthy to use the Internet as an escape from the awkwardness of real life and rarely have conversations that don't include GIF's? Yeah, maybe not. And to be, well, frank, the Internet has been a sore spot for me lately and I didn't want to be delving into the virtual world as much. 

Currently I am back in California. I'm here visiting my fiance for a few months, and it's going good. I never entirely understood the concept of feeling at home when you aren't at what others would class as /your/ home, but alas, life is full of surprises. My better half had been off work since the beginning of February due to a shoulder injury, meaning we essentially had a 5 week vacation together with a few PT sessions thrown in. It was blissful. I've read far more books than I was hoping to, and learnt how to play various board-games that I never thought would of been my cup of tea (I still don't have the gaming lingo down though, and yes, pardon the expression. Once again, you can take the British girl out of the UK but... yada, yada. I don't even drink your standard British cuppa - plot twist!).

I've been doing okay. And that has felt long overdue.

I digress. I've been having some trouble with my blog content, and I'm hoping you, whoever is reading this, could offer me some advice. I don't know where to go with my little corner of the Internet. I love books but I feel as though it would be tiresome to constantly write about what I have checked out of the library when my blog isn't necessarily geared towards the book blogging community (as amazing as that group is). Though saying that, if I uploaded more frequently, would it matter? I have a soft spot for beauty, travel and food posts, yet mental health appears to be my niche and I most certainly delve into enough books to keep content going. So, to repeat myself, does it matter? Do we have to put a stamp on ourselves and define our blogs by slotting them into categories, or should we just write from the heart to prevent ourselves from seeming a bit scattered? Help!

I'm also really wanting to start having guest posts on here, so if you'd be interested in that, please let me know. I'm open to suggestions! Or maybe a few collaborations? Hit me up if you're interested in either, my email is or you could get in touch via Twitter or Instagram

I'm also in the process of buying my domain, but I'm unsure whether I ought to stay on Blogger or switch to Wordpress. I don't entirely know the difference, but alas, it seems to be what most bloggers do. Am I just being slow on the bandwagon? Again, help!

That's pretty much it, thank you for allowing me to ramble. I swear these conversations sometimes feel one sided. How are you? How have you been? How's your drink of choice? .... You're awfully quiet, hm. Maybe I should quit while I'm ahead and say adios. Yeah, think I'll do that.

Please do let me know your opinions on any of the questions I asked above. I really would appreciate it. I promise to be frequent with uploads now that life has seemingly shoved me back down on the ground. Yay for reality! 

Have a wonderful remainder of your day,

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