Product Empties #1


I'm stepping out of my blogging comfort zone and stepping into the world of beauty! Kind of. Ish. Whenever I write about beauty, I feel like I'm about to be unmasked as someone who doesn't really have a clue when it comes to describing products. I like what I like, but I feel uncomfortable suggesting the items to others as the thought 'Have I tried enough of a variety of this product to wholeheartedly suggest it?'. But you know what, I think its enough to merely say that you enjoyed using a product. Not all of us are high end beauty bloggers, and that's what makes the community special. I'm going to try and urge you to buy Dove Body Wash in a bit, so I mean, high end may not be found here. I get Birchbox monthly so that has enabled me to try things that I would otherwise shy away from due to my lack of knowledge, so hopefully that will aid in my recommendations being more.. worldly.

As mentioned above, Dove Body Wash, $5.99 is my personal favourite when it comes to showering. I have sensitive skin that's drone to dry patches, and my more intimate body areas can be quite choosy when it comes to anything that can inadvertently travel down.. south. Dove is affordable, smells great, and is cruelty-free! The one I recently ran out of was the scent Blue Fig & Orange Blossom but having since purchased the Dry Oil version and found it to be more nourishing, I will stick with that from here on out.

Speaking of nourishing the skin, I go through body lotion like a cat goes through Dreamies. My favourite part of my nightly routine is lathering on some pleasant scented lotion and having my skin feel instantly plumped. Garnier Intensive 7 Days Hydrating Lotion was my favourite drugstore lotion. The smell was comforting, the lotion itself was the perfect balance between thick and wet, and it sunk into the skin within seconds. I'm speaking in past tense as I recently learnt that Garnier Body isn't cruelty-free which has stopped me from buying their products. As an alternative, I would recommend the Dove Cream Oil Intensive Body Lotion, $5.99.

I finished off this Beachwaver Great Barrier Hairspray, $28.00 that I received in a Birchbox. This tiny bottle has lasted me since late last year, and I've used it multiple times a week. Not bad going. It's the first hairspray I've tried that hasn't left my hair feeling like straw, and by some miracle, it actually keeps my curls in place.One major plus for me in repurchasing this, is the very effective way it can be brushed out of hair without leaving an icky dust feeling. I'd recommend!

Having Fibromyalgia (read all about that HERE), baths can be good on bad days. Sure it makes my skin feel sunburned in the aftermath, but for the soaking period, it's rather soothing. I've tried an abundance of bath soaks over the years that are targeted toward muscle soaking. And let's be honest, not many of us are actually loyal to affordable bubble bath. Enter in Dr Teal's Pink Himalayan Foaming Bath, $4.89. I really liked this, it gave my skin a tingle, the smell was pleasant (though I always put in a little rosehip oil which does overpower everything), and it did leave my skin feeling smooth and nourished. Not bad! I have already repurchased.

The only makeup item I finished up was the Eyeko Brow Liner Shape & Define in medium ( I couldn't find a link! The product may be discontinued). Though I've finished it up, I've yet to decide whether I liked this. I wouldn't repurchase, but it was rather fun to use. I think my main problem was the colour, it's almost green tinted which can look a little odd on the brows. The product itself lasted really well though (roughly 4 months without drying out), and I absolutely love the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner, $22.00 from the same brand. So.. eh. I need the Natalie Imbruglia song Torn to be playing throughout this entire paragraph.

And my favourite product of this.. trash bag? ... err... empties basket. Beauty gurus always have those pretty wire baskets to hold this stuff, right? I'll work on it! Anyhoo, my favourite was definitely the Specific Beauty Advanced Dark Spot Corrector Pads. I 110% expected this product to be a gimmick. Anything pad form, I'm cautious about. But my skin absolutely devoured them. Using after washing/cleansing, and before face lotion, they definitely have a place in my skincare routine. I've never experienced a non-scrub to give me an exfoliating feeling before, and somehow without drying out my skin. A miracle! My problem is justifying the price. It works out roughly 67¢ per pad, which is quite extravagant.

So there have it! My first empties post. If this is something that reads well, let me know. I'm at a learning curve and really do want to step away from my blogging comfort zone. Have you tried any of these products? Do you want to? Send me a tweet at @RootingBranches or comment here with your answer!

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