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I got this idea after writing up the My Fictional Childhood Heroines post. Who doesn't love a good reminisce session? Today, as per the title, I'm listing all the CD's that defined my childhood. Now, by childhood I'm talking the album's I listened to under the age of 10. Anything else is a teenhood album (maybe a different blog post?). My mum always seemed to have something playing when I was younger and I kind of followed suit. Whenever I was in my bedroom I would put on something as background noise. Is this why I now find silence so difficult? Am I unravelling my issues and my childhood is to blame? Where's a therapist when you need one? Without further ado, here are all the album's that instantly take me back to my childhood.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Album
I started my BtVS merchandise collection at a young age - probably 7 or 8. The album was one of the first Buffy related items I found at an old record store where I avidly ventured to for my poster obsession. (Anyone else miss those poster stands in Woolworth's?) I was instantly obsessed with the album because, duh, it's Buffy. But my mum really enjoyed the song variety so it was often played in our household. I can't even count how many times I got ready for school with Bif Naked's Lucky being played on repeat. My personal favourite was Wild Horses by The Sundays, because even as a child, I wasn't very cool with my music preferences.

Natalie Imbruglia: Left of the Middle
This is probably the most played album of my entire childhood. My mum had this on repeat, at what felt like every second of the day. When I was a toddler, she actually managed to convince me that it was her singing. (She had the same haircut as the cover, okay.. it was a confusing time) so I mean, Natalie is practically family! No? Torn, a classic and NOT a One Direction original song, and Shiver continue to be some of my favourite songs. 

Dido: Life For Rent
Okay, the Buffy theme continues. If you are familiar with music videos (or just  a fangirl like me) you may remember David Borenaz, the broody Angel, was in the video for Life For Rent. I watched the music channel so much the previous year waiting for it to come on again. Yeah, I didn't get out much. But alas, my mum's collection soon had this CD in it's midst and she played it frequently. I can't listen to it without instantly being transported to early 2004, going for long walks with our dog Jess, and watching Friends, Buffy, and Angel on VHS.

Grease: The Movie Soundtrack
Grease was my favourite movie growing up, nowadays Grease 2 has overtaken it's place but that's another post for another day. I wanted to be Sandy with every fibre of my being. Pretty sure this was the start of my mum being sure I wasn't going to stay on the straight path. My girl crush was unrelenting. I received the album from a boyfriend of my mum's at the time and I replayed it so much that it started to skip. Yay for that CD life!

Olivia Newton John : Definitive Collection
Sense the theme? I received this album for Christmas when I was, I think, seven. I wasn't familiar with Olivia Newton John's older work but this collection fixed that and I was quickly singing along with Physical while dancing in my Barbie themed bedroom. Pretty sure that was the peak of my existence. Nowadays I can't hear Physical and not instantly have the mental image of Jane Lynch, but ya know, both are great.

Shania Twain: Greatest Hits
I bought this the same Christmas that I received the Olivia Newton John album, what else does a young child use their Christmas money on? Shania Twain was a mystery to me but I knew I loved the song 'Man! I Feel Like A Woman' from the Brittany Spears classic movie Crossroads. Did anyone else love that movie? If I met Zoe Saldana I'd compliment on her role in it, which may end with her just walking away. Who knows? I digress, this album was fast to be replayed 24/7 by me and I enjoyed singing emotionally along to 'From This Moment On'.

What albums instantly take you back to your childhood? 

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