5 Star Book Predictions : Part II


Time for another guessing game! Last year I did a 5 Star Book Predictions post and have since read them all and even wrote all about my eventual ratings in my Prediction Update post. Go me. I figured it was worthwhile to do a part 2. I don't know about you but I have piles of books on my TBR that I have a gut feeling about, I feel like I will give them a whooping 5 star rating but yet I continuously chose to pick up something else. Is it the fear of the book letting me down? Or am I just lazy? Probably both! Like last time, I'm going to categorise each pick. Because I like rules. Let's get onto my second batch of predictions...

The Modern Classic: 
Catcher In The Rye
by J. D. Salinger
A 'banned' classic that has been said to be the The Perks Of Being A Wallflower of it's time. This is a sceptical but honest prediction. My husband loathed this book, like, one of his most hated books of all time, and each review I see seems to be either glowing or bursting with annoyance. I can look past unlikable characters, enjoy a book centred around mental health, and am a sucker for a tale of young adolescence. I really hope I like this. 
Side-note: Since writing this blog post, I've read J.D. Salinger's other novel Franny and Zooey and absolutely hated it. Oh, dear. Hope for me.

The Well-Loved Author:
After I Do
by Taylor Jenkins Reid
I have absolutely no idea what this is about and I'm refusing to look it up as I like going into Taylor Jenkins Reid's book completely blind. I'm sorry. Click HERE to venture to the Goodreads page if you want to know it's synopsis. From the title I'm guessing it's about a marriage..? All I know and all I need to know is that it's written by one of my favourite authors (she's currently tied for my favourite author with Fredrik Backman). This is the last backlist TJR book I have yet to read, so it's high on my TBR.

The Non-Fiction:
The Unabridged Journals Of Sylvia Plath
by Sylvia Plath
This terrifies me. If I put it on this list then I have to read it within the next few months. My husband bought this for me for Christmas as I've been going on and on about how much I want to read it since the literal age of 14. But I'm so scared about whether or not I'm going to like it after I've built it up so highly in my mind. Is this what it's like to be a modern day Star Wars fan? Repeat with me: I will not be daunted by big books, I will not be daunted by big books...

The Recommended:
Bringing Down The Duke
by Evie Dunmore
This book has been making the rounds through Booktube and though it's had varying reviews, I'm already sold. A historical fiction with smutty goodness and a smartass female protagonist? Yes, all the yes. From what I can remember, this is about one of the first females to earn a place in Oxford, only her placement comes with the price of having to sway a notoriously strong-willed Duke into backing the slowly raising female's suffrage movement. In this I'm hoping for envious gowns, witty banter, female friendship, and one brooding Duke. I'm all in.

*The Yet-To-Be-Released:
Out Of Love
by Hazel Hayes
I've seen this marketed as a love story told in reverse, with the backdrop of a bittersweet break-up. Sounds utterly painful, right? Just my thing. Despite this being Hazel's debut novel, I'm already familiar with her writing style and a large chunk of my heart is already built up of love for it. So I'm pretty confident putting Out Of Love on this list. As a bonus, it's already been compared to Normal People by Sally Rooney and One Day by David Nichollas, both of which I loved. Everything is leading to a 5 star rating, and I've already pre-ordered. Something I never do. One might say I'm overly confident.

The Classic:
Anne Of Green Gables
by L. M. Montgomery
Over the years I've read a few version of this children's classic. Some were condensed versions of the entire series and others were entirely rewritten (looking at you, mother) but I don't think I've ever read the first original volume. I got gifted this gorgeous set by my husband last year and I want to make my way through all four books (I only have this and A Little Princess left), so what better time to finally fall into Anne's world? I've yet to read a female orientated children's classic that I haven't given 5 stars, so this will hopefully be a correct prediction.

So, there we have it. Hopefully I'll check in near the end of Summer with my eventual ratings and a whole new batch of predictions. What book on your TBR are you predicting you'll give 5 stars? 

*Since writing this post, I've recieved and read Out Of Love. Spoiler: I gave it 5 stars! Yay! Off to a great start, people!

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