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We all love a good book tag, eh? I can't remember who I saw do this on Booktube but I really enjoyed the questions and wanted to do it myself! Full credit goes to the creator, and if you'd like to do this, consider yourself tagged! Let's get on with the questions... 


1. A character appearance that you misread and imaged differently. 
After watching so many Vampire Academy dreamcast videos on Youtube in my youth (are those still a thing?) I have to go with Dimitri from Vampire Academy. I was entirely imagining Ben Barnes's face on Roman Reigns body. I did really like in the role, but yeah, I was imagining something completely different. The same goes for Beth in Little Women. Probably because of the name, but I was imagining a younger Emily Kinney in the role.

2. A character name that you've been pronouncing wrong. 
Carlisle from Twilight. When I read the entire series I was pronouncing it Carl-is-le, not Carl-ile. Basically, the 's' is silence which teenage me did not imagine. Entire brain explosion when I watched the movies and realized how wrong I was the entire time. 

3. An overused trope that is your guilty pleasure.
A well-done love triangle. I know it's overdone and a little try hard at this point, but there's just something about a classic love triangle that will peak my interest. Especially when you have the goodie-good-guy and the smart mouthed underdog - bonus points if the underdog has a fighting chance and it isn't so clearly the loser throughout the entire book. Think less Jacob Black and more Adrian Ivashkov.

4. A cliché character type that you like better on screen rather than read about.
The epic bitch. Give me Blair Waldorf, Petra Solano, Naomi Clark, and Brooke Davis every day of the week but in book form? No, thanks. I don't know why the bitch character just doesn't work for me in written format, but it doesn't. I think my brain goes too 'worst case scenario' and I instantly want to vanquish the character. That said, if we're just talking book adaptions, I think the actor or actress can play a huge part in whether or not you like the character. Seen as we seem to be on a vague Twilight theme here, let's use Jessica as an example. I think Anna Kendrick being cast to play such a dislikable character made Jessica seem way more likable. Kendrick has a way of delivering such bitchy lines with an underlining of sarcasm that speaks to my soul. 

5. A word/phrase that you learnt because of it's use in a book.
I can't think of an answer for this, so instead I'm going to say the term 'Meet Cute' which I learnt from Booktube. That counts.. right? Since I learnt about it, I've seen it literally everywhere. Always the same, right? 

6. Have you ever not read or completed a required reading book for school?
Nope! I left school when I was 10-years-old to be home schooled which mostly consisted of being my own teacher. Weirdly, I didn't choose to pick up the classics that I ought to of read in school. In my twenties I've been working on rectifying that.

7. Have you ever (or wanted to) skipped a chapter from the point of view of a character that you weren’t interested in?
Yes, very likely. What book? Good question. Nothing comes instantly to mind, but as an overall answer, I'd say romance novels that have a split narrative. I get why it's now a common thing to find in books such as The Kiss Quotient, The Unhoneymooners, and Get A Life, Chloe Brown, as it helps built up both characters. But it seems to be a trait of the genre to have some unnecessary conflict near the end of the book to 'spice things up', I guess? I find it more frustrating when we're switching narratives and both are being completely idiotic or purposely not communicating. I feel as though if we were just reading from the POV of one character, it'd help keep the book interesting as we wouldn't necessarily know what the miscommunication is actually about. I dunno. 

8. Have you ever cancelled social plans to read a book?
Not that I can think of, but me and my husband have most definitely strayed from an original plan for the day to read (usually the adulting type of plan, such as grocery shopping or going outside to feel alive). We've also spent so long reading that we miss dinner, so are "forced" to get Taco Bell at a stupid hour. Having a partner who reads is great, but darn, it can be dangerous. 

There we have. Remember if you're interested in doing this tag, consider yourself tagged! And be sure to send me a link as I'd love to read your answers.

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