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Movie double features are a guilty pleasure to all of us. There's nothing better than finishing a movie and instantly having the ability to watch another thing of the same theme. Usually when I see these kind of posts online, it's in the style of 'what you can watch on Netflix!' or Hulu or Amazon or whatnot. However, I enjoy the classic method of movie watching and keep to DVD's or VHS tapes. So, if you're unable to watch both on the same streaming service, I'm sorry. Am I the only person like this? Let me know!

This is a joint post with my husband @BilliamSWN so be sure to go ahead and check out his version over on the SomewhatNerdy site.

The Breakfast Club / The Perks of Being a Wallflower

There's something endearing about a group of misfits coming together and discovering themselves through true messy friendship. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower is my favourite book, and the movie isn't less than a perfect adaption of the Stephen Chbosky novel which stars Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, Ezra Miller and a bunch of other actors with notable names. The Breakfast Club is a classic, no doubt about it. It's aged incredibly well, the lines are forever loved among Tumblr addicts and people who like to watch movies at 2am and cry. Just me? Together, this movie duo would make for a rebellious night of teenage angst, mental health representation, and soundtracks that you'll want to play on repeat the following day. Just have a box of tissues close by.
P2 / You're Next

Female empowerment in the horror genre is an underappreciated thing. I'm thinking of doing a post entirely dedicated to that, but let's not digress too strongly. I love a slasher that gives me a boost, doesn't sell sex in place of horror to earn it's rating, and has a main character that isn't as dim as the contrast. More a cat&mouse thriller than slasher, P2 quickly made it onto me and my mother's most watched horror movie list, and not just because its a Christmas movie. It's Christmas Eve when office worker Angela get's kidnapped by security guard Thomas who has an obsession with her. I've seen this described as torture porn, but it absolutely isn't so don't let that put you off. Though you don't see anything, there is a trigger warning for rape but nothing like that of Hills Have Eyes, The Last House On The Left or, heaven forbid, the god-awful I Spit On Your Grave franchise. I would never recommend rape in a movie, so take a gamble and trust me on this one. I adore P2 for Angela's complete badassness that makes you fist-pump the air multiple times. In a similar boat, we have You're Next. A more traditional slasher horror following the style of The Strangers and No Vacancy. A guy brings his girlfriend Erin home for a weekend to meet his family. When they're suddenly attacked by strangers wearing animal masks, Erin's childhood of being a part of survivalist camps comes in handy and she literally kicks everyone's ass. Ever watched a horror movie and thought/screamed 'you should do this!'? Erin literally does every single smart thing you like to think you'd do if in a similar situation. Yay for #GRLPWR.

Peppermint / John Wick

As viewers of action, we all love a good comeback revenge story. There's something deeply satisfying about watching some bad guy/woman get their comeuppance in the form of a solid ass whooping. This duo pack both have very similar concepts and even a similar feel to them. When the credits roll you don't know whether you feel satisfied or deeply saddened by the life our heroines are forced to endure. In Peppermint we have a mother out for redemption after a corrupt judge sets the men that killed her husband and child free. In John Wick we have an ex-assassin who comes out of retirement after he get's accidentally swept up into something that leaves him pissed and with a need to get revenge. Both are awesome action-packed movies with incredible lead actors. I'm still rooting for a movie that combines these two.

A Star Is Born / Country Strong

Country Strong is probably my more obscure pick on this list as I have yet to meet anyone whose seen it. After being released from rehab, Kelly instantly falls back into the fame of her life. Between her husband, the scarlet he's grooming for fame, and the man she met while committed and brought home with her, it makes for an interesting comeback tour. I enjoyed this movie, and I think it pairs perfectly with the breakout hit of last year A Star Is Born. Both have the music, romance, and the heartbreaking reality of fame.

Husk / Scarecrow

Cheesy horror movies are my secret guilty-pleasure. I'm not even talking campy teen movies, but rather cringe fests that involve scarecrows. So... Scarecrows are my guilty pleasure. Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd say. We have the classic Jeepers Creepers, but otherwise we're limited on this specific niche of horror. In Husk we have a group of friends who get stranded near a cornfield and dun-dun-dun, there's an evil presence hanging around. In Scarecrow we have a group of high school students who spend their detention cleaning out a barn before the town's festival. Can you guess how this ends? Both silly but both highly entertaining. If scarecrow movies are worthy of your attention, definitely give these two a watch.


There we have it! What two movies go hand-in-hand for you during a movie night? Please let me know! Have you seen any of these recommended movies? If so...

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