FRINGE 17-Month-Planner 2021 Review


Buying a planner can be challenging, especially nowadays when you're unable to see them in person. Will the pages be thick enough? Does it offer you various ways of organization? Is it pretty? Since my early teens I've been on the hunt for a planner that will mesh well with my needs and desires. Up until last year, I'd never found something that ticked all the boxes. I'd tried the cheapest in a store, up to some that were priced over $30. But there was always something lacking (Or they were sold independently, so the P&P made them out of my budget). Then, during one magical day spent in Marshall's, I stumbled upon the 18-month-planner by FRINGE. And yes, all the yes. 

I recently purchased their 2021 edition which goes from 08/20 - 12/21. Yes, you'll have a month or two wasted but for it's attributes, worth it! (I just cut out August, and am going to use the scrap paper for shopping lists and such.) Let's take a empty planner tour. 

The cover is a sturdy but flexible cardboard, while the pages are thick and matte. I'm really impressed with the quality of the pages as not even sharpies bleed through, which was always a problem with past planners I bought. I want to be able to use a variety of pens without worrying about bleed through or the dreaded paper tear when I inevitably doodle on each page. (We all do that, right?) Each month is tabbed on the side, with a thicker grey paper announcing them. At the start of the journal is a pocket, so you can keep any papers or, if you're me, things I need to do each months. (birthday cards I need to send, bill's to pay, etc.)

At the start of each month you have a monthly goals page, which includes categories for 'goals', 'to-do', 'birthdays', and 'anniversaries'. (Personally, I don't have that many anniversaries to remember so I change that to "books I want to read"'). There's also a box at the bottom for 'additional notes'. Great variety! With that, you have a monthly boxed overview which is really perfect for school stuff or blog scheduling. As with any journal, each day of the month has it's own little box which I use to write reminders and to-do lists. 

There's also your usual contacts page, holiday dates page, and an overview calendar. At the end of each month you have a few 'notes' pages, which I use for trackers or blogger tasks I want to complete throughout the month. 

So how to know if this journal is the right one for you? I'd say that the Fringe 18 month journal is perfect if you're a creator of daily to-do lists and want an overview of each month to see where you're at. This is a hefty book, that offers you a variety of ways to track your progress/dates/lists. Whether you need something for school, blogging, or even as a reading journal.. it's great. The quality is sublime for the price range, and as a bonus, it has a beautiful design. It's available to buy on Amazon, which is a huge bonus. 

Do you have a favorite planner brand? Let me know!

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