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So.. It's officially Autumn and I'm back to freezing my booty off at home AND outside. Yay? I do not regulate my temperature well at all, so I constantly some sort of 'cozy wishlist' thing going on. These are all the autumnal things that I'm coveting. Maybe it'll give you inspiration for any Christmas lists? Let's get onto all things warm and comforting...

Is it even Fall if you don't buy some new pajamas? Due to lockdown I can't venture out and buy some in person, so I'm sticking to Target as I already know they have some great pairs that are affordable and super soft. This long sleeved set is a different variation of a pair that I bought a few years ago (shorts and a short sleeved top) they've washed incredibly well so why wouldn't I want a warmer set? The fabric of these are so buttery soft while still keeping you warm (unlike silk sets). I like the pink piping on the black set as I think it makes them look more expensive than they actually are. 

How beautiful are these Floral Printed PJ's from Target? I love the autumnal shades of purples and reds. If I was an Influenster who randomly took photos sitting on my bed with a cup of coffee, a croissant platter in front of me, grinning at my phone.. these are what I'd wear. Plus they're so affordable. 

Every winter I search and search for the right hat, gloves, scarf set. It's kind of comical at this point how many times I've failed at finding some I like. Luckily, Amazon came through with a win! I absolutely adore these knitted items (no scarf, but you can't win 'em all!). They come in a variation of colors but I went with this dusty pink shade. Yeah, I already bought these. Cold fingers are the worst and I love a good pom-pom hat. Both items are lined with a fluffy white fabric for extra toastiness. At just $13.99 each, I think it's definitely worth having a look. Link to the hat & mittens.

Once you own a dressing gown, you basically live in it. Winter is made for wearing warm pajamas with a fluffy dressing gown on top. I have never owned a dressing gown that I've loved. I found one while thrifting a couple of years ago, tags still on, but upon getting it home realized that it was made for children. I mean, yay for being able to find something affordable but boo for not being able to bend over without flashing the cats. So, I've been on the hunt for something warm but still pretty. (Gossip Girl gave me unreasonable expectations) This is Richie House Bathrobe is decently priced, a gorgeous nude shade, and looks very warm.

Will I get judged for saying that I'm a fan of "UGG" boots? Now, yes, they're ugly. But they're warm, and give you the opportunity to stomp around like Yoshi from Mario. I'm down. I've been after some slippers for a while now but due to a wonderful Fibromyalgia symptom where my skin can be rubbed raw by literally any material, it's hard to find the right pair that'll offer comfort without pain. These ZIZOR booties seem rather similar to my outdoor knockoffs that I feel weird wearing indoors. They're also very cute and give me Alexis Rose vibes which is now my aesthetic. I like that the tops can still be rolled down as it'll prevent the dreaded ankle burn that my current pair can give.

Can you even discuss cozy items without mentioning blankets? I think not! Marshalls is a great place to buy affordable blankets especially if you're on the hunt for some seasonal styles. I've been trying to incorporate more red shades in my living room as it's starting to get very bland with so many monotones. I really like the texture to this red Chasity Persian Faux Fur Sherpa throw, it looks exactly like the type of blanket you want to snuggle up in as you watch all the festive movies. In a similar vein but way less comfortable looking, this Dotted Line Throw With Fringe throw has such a great depth to it's design that it could easily be a focus point of a couch while still having a rich red color. Lastly, there's the basic but pretty Plaid Throw With Fringe, and yes, it's grey but I really like the pattern and tassel details. It makes it fun while still being classic looking.

You had to know I'd somehow manage to put some bookish things into this wishlist. Sweater weather was made for Fall/Autumn so this Unisex Matilda Pink Sweatshirt would be the perfect wardrobe staple for lounging around the house, because let's face it, we're not going anywhere.  Pricey at over $40 but oh so cute. Child Anne would've given her soul to own this.

As mentioned above, I'll mostly be reading in my comfies over Fall so let's talk about books I have my eye on. First up, You Had Me At Hola by Alexis Daria. This was included in my Most Anticipated Book Releases Of 2020 and it's still high up on my 'want to read' list. The setting isn't exactly made for this season, but it would be perfect for escapism. Jane The Virgin meets The Kiss Quotient, this is a telenovela type romance set around two actors who are forced to work together after a tabloid mishap. It sounds drama filled and steamy. So far the reviews have been really positive for the Latinx rep. I'm in! I've been eyeing up The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix for a while now, being a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer and book club fan, this sounds right up my street. A local woman's book club has to learn how to slay vampires when a broody vampire moves in on the street and starts killing off the neighborhood. It sounds cheesy, fast-paced, and fun. A perfect Halloween read!

What are you hoping to purchase this Fall? 

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