Why I'm Partaking In Blogtober


When I've told people that I'm thinking of joining in with the shenanigans that is Blogtober, the main response I've been getting is "Jesus, why?". Valid question. If you don't know, Blogtober is essentially a month of blog posts. You upload at least one blog post, every day in October. It is quite the undertaking, I know, and when you factor in my usual schedule of one post a week.. yeah, quite the change of pace. There are many factors why I wanted to join in with this torturous fun, so let's list my main three..

1) Pushing myself to write more. I'm going to be (hopefully) writing 50,000 words next month for the fun that is NaNoWriMo, so not only would Blogtober be a good starting point but it will get me into the right rhythm of writing. I'm all too guilty of opening up my laptop to write and instead getting distracted by the shiny thing that is YouTube or end up endlessly scrolling on clothing sites that I can't afford. 

2) The blogging community. I'd really like some true blogging friends, or at least to interact with the community more. I'm a shy person at heart and still struggle to work up the courage to tweet something in response to someone else's tweet. I find it difficult to comment on blogs because my brain instantly wants to yell at me "You're being annoying! Leave them alone!". It's stupid, especially as when somebody else comments on a post of mine, it makes my day. So, yeah, I want to be more interactive. And what better way is there than to bond than over mutual stress? 

3) Check off the things on my 'blog post ideas' list. Like so many bloggers, I have an overflowing list of blog post ideas. I've been compiling them since I first started my blog a few years ago. But every time I go to pick one from it to write, I either psych myself out thinking it isn't good enough to justify a post, or I get distracted with a shiny new post idea. I'd really like to start fresh come November.

 I hope you'll go with me on this Blogtober journey. It could be an absolute failure, but I have faith that I will stick to it and fill up my blog with new content. To keep up to date with me, you can follow me on Bloglovin', Google + and wherever else you read blogs. I'd really appreciate it! Let's support each others content. In the words of Safiya Nygaard:

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