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As I write this, tomorrow is my Granddad's birthday. He will be turning 72-years-old. He has given me 24 years of joy, love, and rough cheek kisses (beards are evil). I would be lost without him. In the spirit of his birthday. I wanted to write a blog post in a similar vain to my For The Lorelai To My Rory post. This is a very niche blogpost, but something that fills my heart with joy to write. 

My Taid (what we call Granddad's in Wales) is a man with many talents. He can fix practically anything, he will always offer to walk around a charity or clothing shop with you, he can put away eight pints of beer, and he's always there for your heart. When I was little, I'd always eagerly await his return home on a Saturday night as it meant a few games of drafts, snakes and ladders, and maybe even some karaoke. I vividly remember looking through photo albums with my Nain and then dancing along the edge of the bed singing loudly to Dancing Queen with my Taid. I remember feeling lucky that day that my Grandparents were so much better than my friends at school, and I stand by that thought. My granddad always made me feel like the most special girl in the world, and that is worth a everything when you're a child. He was my father when I didn't have one. 

My Nain made me feel smart, my Mum made me feel like I mattered, and my Taid made me feel loved. The trio made me into the woman that I am today. They're fragments of my soul that I would never change.

My Granddad loves being thrifty and for as long as I remember, he always took me to charity shops or carboot sales looking for the next bargain. He is very likely the reason that I always hunt for a gem in a bin of trash. He looks for the best in everything which always thrilled me as a child. He'd often come home with a gift for me that he found for free. 

He's always loved music and is naturally talented when it comes to instruments. He can play guitar and often bangs out a tune after a night at the pub. My mum plays the keyboard. And I.... well, I could probably tap on a triangle.

Since my Nain sadly passed away, I've had the absolute honor of video chatting my Granddad ever few days. His face always brings me joy and I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to continuously catch-up with him. It's the bright point of my week, especially during 2020. My husband also adores having the chance to chat with him about beers, football, or to share a joke or two. It often feels like my Granddad is here with us which is lovely. 

Happy Birthday, Taid. It's doubtful that you'll ever read this but I'm so thankful for your existence and you were the first man in my life to ever make me feel loved. I love you.

Love, Rebecca. 

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