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September has been a rocky month. Leaving my better half, yet again, was agonising. If anyone in the history of the world thought goodbyes get easier with time, they're wrong. I know it may not be the healthiest concept to feel half of a person without someone you love beside you, but yet that is how my heart is choosing to take this. I know we'll be fine and that we just need to wait for fate to do it's thing, and put a lot of work in to the middle, but alas, it's difficult. Alongside that, readjusting to be home has been a somewhat odd transition. I'm not yet used to the newfound silence that is lurking at the corners at night, nor am I equipped to busy myself with enough oomph to make time move quicker. It's all been a little.. blah, to be honest. Next month I had my two night trip to Edinburgh with my mum (expect blog posts as I do Scotland for the 2nd time), and you know, Halloween and all the pumpkin carving. But for now, let's put September behind us.. well, after this post.
02/09/2017: I finished The Moment Of Everything by Shelly King yesterday (partly for the 'cat on the cover" Popsugar Reading Challenge 2017 prompt) and though the first half was a little too slow for my liking, the characters soon grew on me and I was happy to read a good ol' chunk in one sitting. Have you read it? What were your thoughts? 
03/09/2017: I'm going to miss this man when I return home for 5-6 months. Who will indulge his love for treats if I'm not here? #askingthebigquestions
04/09/2017: I've been a little MIA again around these parts but life is continuing to speed ahead and I'm losing my bearings on things that take place online. Sigh. How do people manage to have children, a career, and keep up online? Hats off to you all! PS: I liked this book more than I was expecting. What are your thoughts on it?
07/09/2017: We recently fed #ostriches and not only was it one of the most unique things I've done (minus the lambs that time), but it was also terrifying. Beautiful creatures with impressive strength. All I'm sayin'.
08/09/2017: I do believe that Fall is underway. What's your favourite thing about this time of year? 
10/09/2017: Off home I go. With heavy bags and a heavier heart. At least I have a super jolly book to cheer me up (that'd be sarcasm). 
12/09/2017: Is it wrong that I'm craving an Italian ice and frozen custard medley at 8:30 in the morning? I blame it on jetlag. 
12/09/2017: Whoever said distance makes the heart grow fonder is a bloody idiot. I'm without my second half and my heart is breaking because of it. Nothing but smiles, nothing but smiles.

12/09/2017: Craving beach days, vanilla lattes, crisps, and the love of my life beside me. Take me back. 
14/09/2017: It appears as though I've lost my reading mojo which is thoroughly disappointing. I just can't seem to concentrate since returning home. All words that decorate the pages are merging together, and the real world is being relentless when it comes to keeping me in the present. Boo. I've also been failing especially at keeping to my schedule on both here and my blog. I need to gather my bearings, and maybe drown my thoughts in a big ol' glass of red wine. 
16/09/2017: "A bench made for lovers." 💛 And award for the prettiest pancake house goes to...
17/09/2017: Want to know how I got 35 books for a mere $25.50 when in the US? Then check out my newest post: "The Third Collective Book Haul: US Edition" Click HERE to read.
18/09/2017: Missing the days of picnics in bed and evenings spend playing boardgames. So, when is @BilliamSWN going to re-kidnap me?
19/09/2017: "Never trust anyone who hasn't packed a book in their suitcase." ⬅ No wiser words have ever been spoken (or written). Speaking of, are you in/going to America and enjoy the prospect of book hunts and bargains? Then be sure to check out my latest book haul where I managed to snag 35 books for a mere $25! Click HERE to read.
20/09/2017: I call this "inspiration for my future garden". Who doesn't love some fairylights and nature?
21/07/2017: When do you decide to go off the beaten path and seek out a new adventure? 'Tis the question.🍃 New post on the blog: 'Camping '17 || Fort Bragg'. 🍃 Click HERE to read.
22/09/2017: Recent observation: I don't really do selfies anymore, so this feels pretty darn weird. Second observation: My glasses sit wonky on my face... maybe this is why I stopped my weak selfie game. Hm.
23/09/2017: Feeding ostriches is one bloody scary thing. But fear and all, I wish I could blink and return back there. Sigh.
24/09/2017: This photo seems very autumnal to me, for whatever reason. Nevertheless, I read Ready Player One nearly 2 months ago now (Jesus. Time moves fast), and liked it way more than I expected to. I've really stepped out of my comfort zone this year with books thanks to the Popsugar Reading Challenge 2017, so, yay! What was the last book that surprised you?
25/09/2017: As thankful as I am to be reunited with my own little munchkin, I am missing the loud antics of this gentleman. 
26/09/2017: I'll admit that prior to picking up Boneshaker, I was a steampunk snob. I didn't think I'd like the genre at all and probably would've never picked up anything like it up if it hadn't been for the Popsugar Reading Challenge 2017. But surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. I especially loved the strong female characters. Have you read anything from the #steampunk genre? What did you think?
27/09/2017: How cute is this backpack from @poppyapparelshop? It screams vintage. Perfect for all the library books I hoard in life. Get 10% off the entire site with discount code "rootingbranches"!
28/09/2017: The last book me and @billiamswn read together. I wonder what our next book-to-movie pick will be. 🤔 Have any suggestions? Let us know!
29/09/2017: Throwback meal: Quorn "chicken" + veggie rice (white rice, egg, broccoli green onions, bell pepper, pepper, paprika, garlic). Yum. And yes, that is a festive plate. I've used it all year.

What was your highlight of September?

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