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Tanya Burr recently had a promotional code ("tanyaburr") for a free Rituals Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel, you just had to pay the £2.99 p&p. Not too shabby for a product that usually retails for £8.50. But I won't lie, it did take me a few minutes of pondering before putting in the order as I've never really entertained the idea of splurging on a shower gel. I'm usually the kind of girl that just grabs whatever is on offer when I do the weekly grocery shop. But as someone who struggles to relax (and who needs some extra content) I decided to take the plunge and test it out to review.

Described as a unique product due to the unique foam technology based on Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil and designed to create a tranquil rich experience, this is the ultimate pamper night treat. A small pump of the product creates a lather of thick foam that coats your body. Think of a shaving gel, but nicer smelling and more moisturising. Due to the rose and almond oil, the product is scented pleasantly - though a tad bit soapy during the actual showering act. It fragranced my skin for an entire evening and still lingered come morning time. The biggest perk for me was how soft it made my skin feel and how long that lasted, if I didn't need to shower on a regular basis I would happily put that to the test. Alas, I shower. What a blogger fail. My skin usually feels tight and uncomfortable after a shower, as though it's screaming out for me to lotion the hell out of it. And despite the fact that feeling didn't vanish completely after using the Ritual product, it did lessen immensely.

A little bit of this product did go a long way (one pump to coat 85% of my body once lathered), so that does make me wonder how long a single can would last you. The Rituals site says it can survive up to 50 washes. Could it perhaps equal to 4 bottles of 500ml regular shower gel retailing at £2.50, making the cost roundabouts the same? I'll do a followup if that is the case. Right now, I'm sceptical.

My issue with this product is the likelihood of one purchasing it for themselves on a regular or even semi regular basis. It is expensive for a shower gel that doesn't necessarily create a huge difference on your skin. I guess this brings up the inevitable question of "Where do you splurge in your skincare?" I personally prefer to invest in facial skincare or lotions, as with those I see a visual difference. It's all well and good to have buttery smooth skin after washing, but I've had similar results with your standard Dove wash. Are we just paying for the branding? Very likely. It'd make a nice gift, but expensive for the effect it would have when given to someone and the recipient would have to know of the brand as plain old shower gel makes for an odd gift. It seems more like a stocking stuffer or something to include in a hamper.

Though I wouldn't personally repurchase this, it has made me curious about the world of foaming shower gels, so if you have any recommendations, please leave them below!

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