Buying Uncommon Gifts This Christmas


The festive season is just around the corner and I think a good portion of us are putting off the dreaded online hunt for unique gifts that we can give to our loved ones. Basic candles and chocolates? Nah, you want to give something that carries more sentiment and most importantly, something that's unique. But where to buy these magical things? I present to you.. .

Uncommongoods is an online store that offers an array of goods that will make you the most popular gift giver of the Holidays. From Beer Brewing Journals /£21, Literary Writing Gloves /£20, to Lab Cocktail Sets /£34 and Travel Stub Diaries /£9. Yup, they have it all. Have a browse of their entire Christmas gift selection and be instantly floored by the endless options.

As I've said, this site really thrives when it comes to personalised goods. I've got my eye on their Penny Necklace With Personalised Year /£68-£72, Couple Portrait /£56-£92, My Life Story - So Far book /£23, and the Personalised Barrel Mug /£45. But there are so many lovely things to choose from that'll suit anyone's needs. What I particularly love about this site is that even the most sentimental of gifts is something that you can actually use or put on display. I haven't seen anything that I'd buy only to discover that the recipient has left it to gather dust in a cupboard.

My personal hardship when it comes to gifting has always been the male species. I find that guys tend to buy themselves anything that they take a liking to - unlike us girls who keep things on our wishlists for years. I've always been favourable of giving more little gifts rather than a big old whooper to my partner, so I was instantly drawn to their gifts for stockings. With Shot Flasks, Whiskey Wisdom Card Decks /£12, Library Designed Tote Bags (we library hop, so that'd be even more fitting) /£15, and Hoop Bowls /£18, I certainly am spoiled for choice.

And lastly, Bruno (my cat) just had to have his say and this DJ Scratch Pad and Catnip Fortune Cookies have been quickly added to his Christmas list. You'll find these in their category of gifts for pet lovers. Fair warning though, I lost all sense of my vocabulary and kept saying "awwww".

I don't know about you, but when I find a company that prides itself on treating their coworkers like actual human beings and offers a variety of gifts for others (or for yourself, ya know, nothing wrong with that) that are made with care for the Earth, it makes your purchasing feel more special. I can't push this site enough and I really do see myself purchasing gifts from here. Christmas is a time of year to spoil your loved ones, so go forth into the land of uncommon gifting.

***This post was kindly sponsored by uncommongoods but all opinions and choices are my own. I will only ever work with brands that I would personally use/support without having been asked, and this is truly one of them. Photos are taken from their site.

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