hub by Premier Inn: The Royal Mile, Edinburgh


hub by Premier Inn is a new style of compact staying with the rooms being predominately controlled by either the hotel's app or the controller on the wall - we're talking the lights, air con, heart, do not disturb, the lot. Having hub's only in Edinburgh and London, you can definitely say it's a city thing. This is the type of hotel that you only want to stay in if you will be spending most of your time exploring your surroundings, as the rooms are snug and you have to waddle all the way downstairs for a tea/coffee. However, if you're on a budget and don't mind the small walk every now and again (or every 10 minutes if you're staying with my mother), this is an ideal pick. When researching hotels to stay at on our recent two-night getaway to Edinburgh, we found the hub to be at a shockingly lower cost than most places situated in the heart of the city. We had a few complications during our stay but nothing to put one off staying there again in future. Read on for more information.

Let's start with the good stuff, food and drink. On the first floor of the hotel they have a counter offering an array of baked goods to buy - a few toasted sandwiches (smoked bacon, cheese, or ham and cheese). muesli and oatmeal. Drink wise, you can help yourself to an unlimited amount of black Costa coffee and teas, 24/7. There is also a fully stocked bar and sodas that can be purchased. Not too bad. I understand why there is no kettle in the room, but I do feel as though it's the one aspect of the hub missing. That could be the social anxiety speaking and most others wouldn't blink an eye having to go downstairs to get drink, but alas, I'm a shy bean. (Heh. Or am I a... coffee bean? I'll leave.)

The room was exactly what we were expecting; a compact room with clever storage solutions and a big ole' bed. Upon opening the door you are greeted by bright lights and a room that is far more spacious than online photos lead you to believe. The bed was surprisingly comfortable, though initially we only had one pillow each which in my mind is a crime. We asked whether we could get any more, and after a few "umm's" and "ahh, maybe not's", they brought us up a few extras. I'll never know how people manage to sleep with one pillow, it's freaky. The duvet was 13.5 tog and folded up so you could make the bed yourself, which seems like a cop out but is actually handy if you like to check the cleanliness of everything - which was immaculate, just FYI. On the dominating wall of the room there is a small closet that you're able to hang up to 5 items on, shelving, and a hairdryer. We were lucky to score a room with a view, but I understand that some rooms don't have a window. 

Our only issue with the room was the heating situation. The air con was refusing to switch off and was adamant to turn itself on and blast cold air at us throughout the day and night. Once we got the heat to greet us, it would be short lived and turn back to the air con. Not ideal when you're in Edinburgh in October. According to the staff member who was at the front desk, it was just a fault with the entire hotel on that day so luck may of just not been on our side. We were told to switch the black panel in the fuse box off whenever it happened, wait a few seconds, and then reset the entire room. The box however was near the ceiling and required standing on an extremely wonky hair to reach it. Not the best. It isn't all too pleasant waking up at 3.a.m. with the shivers.

The entertainment was great. On the TV, they offered an array of newly released movies, and your standard TV channels. Enough to keep you occupied well into the night. You also have the option of connecting any device with the screen to watch or listen to your own stuff, which is a cool perk.
The bathroom was roomy and what you expect of a hotel bathroom, no complaints here. They have hand soap and shower gel for you to use, but no shampoo. So be sure to bring your own.

The location of the hotel was great and a mere 8 minute walk to the main strip of town, and a 11 minute walk to the museums and all that fun. Definitely a good place to stay if you don't have the best health for walking. The other hub in Edinburgh is situated in Rose Street, and though it's a little cheaper, it is more of a walk if you plan on doing the traditional touristy things. If your legs are up for anything, then the price difference may be worth a look.
All in all, I would stay here again and would recommend it to anyone looking for a place to stay in Edinburgh. I just wish you luck with the air con, maybe pack some thermals. 

Have you stayed in Edinburgh? Where was your accommodation of choice?

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