15 Facts About Me


Does this blog post really need an intro? Nah, here are 15 facts about me that you probably didn't know. Enjoy! 
  1. I prefer paperback books over hardcovers. They're easier to read and though they wear quicker, they look more loved on your shelves. I remember being a child and always reaching for my paperback copy of Matilda over the hardbound collection of Roald Dahl.
  2.  I'm 24 years old but have the personality of a woman who enjoys reading in bed surrounded by her cats, ideally with a peppermint tea. Or a G&T, a girl has to have choices.
  3. I have a phobia of grass. Read more about that HERE.
  4. Coffee is life. Give it to me in an IV and call me a Gilmore.
  5. Talking of TV shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my favourite and has been since I was around 6 years old. Not only do I think it was beyond it's years when first released, but it's also aged incredibly well. The characters stand alone as well as in a group setting and Buffy is still the female heroine we need in this modern day world. I can't wait to introduce my future children to this empowering world.
  6. I've been bullet journaling for over a year now and love it. I went in expecting it to help with my mental health, but it also brings me joy, which was a lovely bonus. 
  7. I've tried therapy twice, and it didn't work for me either time. You can also read more about this HERE. (Shamelessly plugging my own posts? Yes, yes I am.)
  8. When stressed I bake or meal prep until the fridge is full. I find the kitchen very therapeutic, which I think relates to when I was younger and me and my mum would have so many lovely nights together spent in the kitchen.
  9. My favourite kind of movie is a late 90's/2000's slasher flick. Halloween H20, New Nightmare, Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, No Vacancy, The Strangers, House Of Wax, etc. They all make me nostalgic for my childhood. 
  10. I'm a Taco Bell fiend. 
  11. Clothes used to be a huge passion for me. I had a overstuffed closet, dressed like I liked in Manhattan, and made a pretty good sum selling vintage/cosplay pieces on Ebay. But when I moved, my closet stayed behind and so did the charity shops. I miss it a heck of a lot. 
  12. My worst habit is nail biting, especially when I read. 
  13. Fibromyalgia has been a constant in my life since I was in my early teens. It's a chronic pain condition that really limits my day-to-day life. As I'm getting older some symptoms are lessening while others are getting worse. At this point of my life, I really don't know where I'll be in 5 years and that's absolutely terrifying. 
  14. I'm a Gleek and will go down on many ships saying that the cover was better than the original. Sue me! (heh.... heh.... Glee pun.)
  15. I've donated my hair twice and urge you to do the same! Read about that HERE.
There are 15 facts that you didn't ask for but now know! You're welcome! Tell me 3 facts about you in the comments, I'd love to know. 

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