One Year Using A Safety Razor | Thoughts, Problems, Is It Worth It?


When I wrote my first post about using a safety razor, I was judging it from only a few uses. Now, one year on, I've used it multiple times a week so.. hundreds of times. And I have a lot of new thoughts. I still stand by my statement that buying a safety razor is both cost effective and absolutely wonderful for the planet. 

However, there are still some things that are hard to get used to. I still accidentally nick my skin way too much, and though I think it's partly down to the stupidly slippery handle (so a fault of my own particular model and not the item as a whole), it can be quite problematic depending on where you want to shave. We're gonna get into TMI territory now, so family members look away. I like a close shave, almost everywhere. It's a personal preference, but it's just what I prefer. Shaving intimate areas (further south than, say, your bikini line) is as difficult to accomplish as any problem Sam and Dean have in a season final of Supernatural. That is partly because of the handle not having a decent grip, but it's also down to the double-sided razor. I wish you could buy a safety razor made especially for smaller areas of the body as I would purchase it instantly. 

I change my blade, at most, once a week. After every use I open up the razor and give it a thorough rinse and make sure to dry each area with a clean towel in a bid to prevent any rust that may start building over the years (without drying it). I try to not keep it in the shower as I don't want it to continuously get wet, but that is hard to remember so in that department I'm failing as a razor mum. When purchasing the razor, I invested in a pack of 100 blades for a bargain bulk price of $12.00. I still have so many, so I would definitely recommend you take the plunge and buy them that way too. 

I've learnt the safest way to get a close shave is to lather your legs like you're trying to make foam tights. Your skin has to be thoroughly coated or else you will get the dreaded shaver bumps. Not worth it. I swear by Dove as a body wash as it's cheap and works well. But any rich body wash will do the trick. Once out of the shower, I pat my skin dry and proceed to lather on either body oil or lotion. I've found that with the safety razor comes a higher risk of skin sensitivity after shaving, my skin can sometimes feel instantly dry. So patting and lotioning seems to be my trick of preventing any rawness or pain. (This could also be down to Fibromyalgia, so I'm uncertain as to whether this would be a problem for other people.) Take care of your body, people.

I still stand by my initial statement that a safety razor has given me the closest shave ever. It works way better than the throw-away ones I used to use and I don't miss the 3 blade style of razor, despite my earlier concerns. 

One of the biggest perks for me has been the lack of ingrowing hairs since my razor change. I never knew what was causing them, but they've seemed to disappeared all together. Could it be that I'm being more thorough with my body wash, thus stopping any rough movements with my razor? No idea. But if you have a problem with ingrowth, keep this in mind! 

To summarize, I do not regret purchasing the safety razor. It's done a beautiful job at keeping my skin smooth over the past 12 months and if you've been debating investing in one, I say go for it! Be prepared to go through a transitioning stage where you may struggle to find what works best for you, but once you do, it'll be second nature. Just.. maybe buy a decent box of plasters at the same time.

Do you use a safety razor? Are you thinking of buying one? 

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