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What bookworm doesn't want to read for free? Over the past few years I've discovered ways to read books for zero cost that could be beneficial for you too. So, here are all the ways that I read to my hearts content without having to break the piggy bank. Some of these may be available to you, some may not. But hopefully you'll take one nugget of advice from this! 

Little Free Libraries

This is a great way to pick up free books while also unhauling those books that sit on your shelf going untouched. The website offers you the option to find a local place and if you have the money, I fully suggest you buy a little house yourself. Who doesn't want a library at their doorstep? 


Speaking of libraries.. I mean, you knew this would be on the list, right? I'm in awe at how many booktubers I watch who don't utilize their library. Libraries are awesome and it's our duty as bookworms to keep them going! When I was a child we couldn't afford a lot of new books so my favourite time of the month was venturing to the library and picking out way too many books to read. You'd be surprised at how many newly released books libraries have to offer nowadays, especially those that have a "Lucky Day!" section which involves a ton of very new books that you can borrow two at a time and not renew. (I once got Daisy Jones & The Six on the literal US release date.) It keeps the latest books circling without that dreaded backlog. If you aren't a member of your library, go do it once everything opens back up. You won't regret it.


Libby goes alongside 'libraries' but I don't think people realize that you can download an app through your library that offers you an array of recent (and old) audiobooks and ebooks that can be sent to your kindle. Libby is awesome! They recently started a 'skip the line' option which gives you new releases for 7 days. A great way to get to those hyped books without paying. I'm still unsure as to whether getting a book from the library helps the author in any way, so I make sure to push any books I enjoyed on my bookstagram @BranchingPages or on this very blog.

Libro is dependent on how many followers you have on social media as you have to surpass 1k to qualify to be a part of their influencer program. It sucks, I know. But hopefully you the reader has that and would enjoy a chose of 6 free audiobooks each month. I only found out about this program/app through Chandler in July and I haven't turned back since. This is truly a great way to widen your reviewing without paying a penny if your accounts are book related. Unlike Net Galley you don't have a deadline to review the audiobooks which makes for a more comfortable reviewing contract. I strongly recommend this if you are applicable. 

Net Galley

So I mentioned Net Galley above and I stand by it. I was always reluctant to join Net Galley as I was afraid of being denied for everything I requested and feeling embarrassed. Alas, there is a whole section that literally offers ebooks to anyone. And I've gotten so many approvals for books that I never in a million years thought I would be "worthy" of. Bite the bullet and join up, the worst that could happen is that you get denied for a few things. But so what? You may be approved for a book that could become your new favourite. Jump the fence and risk it. 

So that's how I'm lucky enough to read current releases for free. Do you have any tips? Let me know! Have any of these tips helped you?

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