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When I was a child, a witch was the go-to Halloween costume. Granted, it was a black bag with arm holes cut out, a cheap witch hat that wouldn't stay on my head, and a broomstick that shed everywhere and resulted in foot splinters, but it was a costume. I adored witches, mainly due to Charmed and Willow/Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But I figured wearing normal people clothes wouldn't bode well with the candy-givers. Now however, I get to dress as a witch everyday  without anyone's knowledge. It'll be okay, child Anne. The thing we lack in life is witchy movies. There aren't nearly enough, especially in the horror genre. Sure, we have the classic The Blair Witch Project and The VVitch, both of which I hated. So here's a list of movies I would recommend to get your witch on this Halloween.

The Craft
Starring Neve Campbell, the unspoken horror queen, this is a classic among horror lovers. In theory, it's much more of a thriller but it's so well-loved that you ought not to argue. When new girl Sarah's telekinetic gift appeals to a group of three wannabe witches, who happen to be seeking a fourth member for their rituals, things quickly go from Gothic to hellish. Made in 1996, this was undoubtedly a huge step for female empowerment. A main female cast without it being overly sexualised? Yes, please. This movie creeped me the hell out as a child, but now I adore it. The clothes, friendship, power, everything is perfect. And to top that, I think the theme of being swayed into the dark-side is something that still stands up today. Just replace Satan with social media. If you're having a witch marathon, this has to be on there.

The Witches
Based on the Roald Dahl book, I don't hear enough people recommending this movie. Starring the queen Anjelica Huston, this movie is set at a witch convention as they plan to turn all children into rats. This movie actually scared me as a child, which is rather laughable now when I look at the special effects.. I mean... the picture. But nevertheless, this is a good cheesy witch movie that you may laugh at, but still find yourself enjoying. They're also rebooting this and it's set to star Anne Hathaway. Okay, I'm down.

Practical Magic
Possibly my favourite pick on the list, this Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock unappreciated flick is absolutely perfection. Based on the book by Alice Hoffman, this is a story of the ties that keep us tethered to our family, and the expectations that puts upon us. The Owens family have never shyed away from their witchy ancestry, the children in the neighbourhood run past their house, the housewives fear that the witches will steal their husbands, they're basically living that #WitchLife. But of the two sisters Sally wants to put this life behind her. She wants to be normal. I've seen a few people call this movie campy and fun, but in my opinion, it definitely has more of a Gothic feel.

Nicole Kidman is seemingly the witch to beat on this list. Many people flat-out-refuse to watch this reboot in a form of loyalty to the original TV show, which I get. When movie-star Jack (played by Will Ferrell) is set to play Darren in a remake of the beloved Bewitched, he demands that Samantha be played by a nobody - to not outshine him. Enter in Isabel, an actual witch who is trying to fit into society without being discovered. What better disguise? This has a very clever plot, which prevents it from taking the magic away from the original. If anything, this is a love letter to the TV show. All the witchy themes, a glorious cat, and pure enjoyment.

Darkness Falls
Now, in theory, this is a tooth fairy. But that stems from witchcraft, so I think this counts, right? Right. A town in Maine is tormented by the witch Matilda Dixon, an old woman who was murdered by a mob in the 1800s because the townspeople thought she was killing children. But in her afterlife she has one weakness, she can't be seen in light. I love this movie, it reminds me of my childhood and I get all that good nostalgia when it's on. Plus in the age of movies like A Quiet Place, Birdbox, and Silence, I think this fits into that niche wonderfully. Who isn't a tinniest bit afraid of the dark?

Don't Knock Twice
Don't go up to this door and knock twice. If you do, this old evil woman will come after you and drag you into her lair of evil. When a daughter does just that with her boyfriend and he disappears, she runs desperately her mother in a hope of safety. Now, this isn't exactly a witchy movie but the overall theme is very witch like. I will forever say that Don't Knock Twice is an underappreciated horror movie with a great cast and enjoyable storyline. Check this out if you have the means. (It's also on Netflix US)

What witch movies do enjoy? Let me know! Witches of Eastwick is on my to-be-watched list, but I'm failing to find any others.


  1. These are some great picks! The Craft and Practical Magic are two of my favourite movies. 🧙‍♀️🧹


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